About Us

Denotation Design is an Interior Design firm established by a C.E.P.T (India) graduate in the year 2000 in Ahmedabad. The firm had the privilege of working in Ahmedabad, A World Heritage city for 10 years before relocating to Delhi in the year 2009.The firm has taken up varied projects with clients having diverse design sensibilities.

Denotation Design primarily focuses on Interior Architecture and It strongly believes that the final design solution is an outcome of collaboration of the contractor, consultants and the client themselves with our intensive and productive involvement starting from manifestation of design concepts to design development leading it to its execution.

The importance of Indian heritage plays a critical role in weaving together various facets of the design & therefore special focus is given to incorporating local art & craft into the finished product. The resulting structures are truly rooted in the local yet thoroughly modern. The firm enjoys an approach to combine old and new materials, finishes and a design language to create a global-local aesthetic.

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Design Philosophy

Clients often ask ‘what is the concept?’ No design can begin without it. It is the guideline to the whole process of design. It is basically a set of ideas that come to the designers mind on the onset of design. The ideas are then integrated with client feedback, site requirement and translated into a feasible design. Translating the requirements of the client into an aesthetically pleasing space is a process. The real challenge is to filter the clients' likes/dislikes through ones design sensibilities during the design process maintaining a balance of functional and aesthetical aspects.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

A designer has to play various roles at the same time. He is an artist, a craftsman, an engineer, an analyst, a thinker………each one of this aspect prominent at various points of time right from the concept to the execution of a design. A designer is also a good communicator. A designer can justify ones design only when he is aware of the process of execution. It is immense coordination both in mind and on the field.

Team Denotation Design

Working closely with clients for years and making homes and work spaces for them, there has emerged a strong team of enthusiasts, who are a part of the design and execution process.

Principal Designer – Pooja Bansal

Pooja passed out from School of Interior Design, CEPT in 2000 with a Degree in Interior Design. Pooja through her understanding of Indian heritage, free spirited creativity and modern sensibilities sets in the much required design language. Her designs are not time specific and have a timeless feel to them. She enjoys her work and her strength lies in translating clients aesthetic and functional requirements into a physical space.

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